Thursday, 10 November 2011

Cesky Krumlov

First thing I wandered up to the castle where I passed through a series of ornate courtyards rising steadily until on the other side the hill continued up through formal gardens to an outdoor theatre. Everywhere seemed to be deserted and misty, which combined with the barroque architcture gave it an odd mood, enhanced when I saw two jet black squirrels in the gardens. Returning to the castle most of the rooms were closed for the winter so I saw the museum and climbed the tower.
The town

Typical streets

For sale

Most of the town stayed empty except for two Japanese tour groups one old, one young who appeared from time to time usually taking pictures of each other in front of random stone walls.
View up to the castle

First courtyard

Covered bridge

Below the covered bridge


The stalls

The stage

View from the end of the castle

From the tower

Look no bears

While exploring I found two museums one on local history and one on torture and an art gallery that included an exhibition on high heeled shoes through the ages. I'm starting to see why the Czechs have a reputation for surrealism.
This street was frozen in time in 1972

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