Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Last night I made two discoveries, first couchsurfing a website I signed up on ages ago and made little use of recommended a social meeting in a nearby bar, second I discovered aperitivo where for 8 euros you can have a drink and all you can eat buffet.

I arranged to meet some people met there at the Uffizi in the morning but first I walked up a long steep road to Piazza Michaelangelo to see the view over the city.

The way back down led via a slightly dodgy road

then through a garden with fruit trees.

Due to a mix up I went round the gallery on my own but met the others afterwards for Pizza. There were no photos allowed inside of course but you've seen a lot of them. It is slightly odd to come across something like The birth of Venus and realise it isn't a copy. The thing is that the famous art probably isn't even the best stuff in there I especially liked the collection of statues that just lined the corridor between the main rooms.

Got out around 2.30 and we went for a late pizza lunch followed by a walk along the river and some excellent gellato.

I went back to the hostel for a rest and another go in the sauna then headed back out and had dinner about 9.30 in a place that did home made Tuscan cuisine. Now very full and ready to sleep.

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