Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Trains and buses

I took the train to Cesky Budejovice (where budweiser comes from) and was pleased to find that it was a train with compartments, which seems somehow more civilized than modern British trains. The rail pass was accepted without trouble and after a couple of hours I got to the final station only to find someone had taken the platform away. I climbed down the steps and followed the signs to a bus station on the roof of a shopping centre from where the bus left for Cesky Krumlov.

With the thick cloud it was barely daylight all day and by the time we got to Cesky Krumlov it was nearly dark but I still managd to find Hostel Postel easily.. The medieaval town is dominated by a castle with cobbled streets and woodsmoke in the cold air. The castle is apparently closed for the winter so I'll have to see what else there is to do.

The train to Hogwarts

My cat will what?

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